The C-ROCK story

C-ROCK was formed in 2006.  Just in the last two years, C-ROCK has performed 140 gigs! 

They stay busy and that is the way they like it.  C-ROCK performs at everything from small private parties all the way to large concerts with thousands of music lovers attending.

C-ROCK offers performance menu pricing options to meet your budget while always providing you with the same high quality music.  So from a no frills stage all the way to elevated stage, stage lights, and fog, you will only pay for what you want.  

The C-ROCK Mission Statement: 

To be the most professional, entertaining, and in-demand rock and roll band in San Antonio, Texas.

Some of C-ROCK's more notable venues include the Circuit of the Americas, Schlitterbahn, Hemisfair Park, Texas State University, the Alamodome, the Valero Texas Open, and Night in Old San Antonio (NIOSA), The San Antonio River Parade, plus many more. 

C-ROCK enjoys performing for private parties, corporate events, charity events, restaurants, clubs, and anywhere live music is needed.  

C-ROCK consists of five dedicated, experienced, and disciplined musicians, plus a sound and light engineer.  They continually strive to make their sound tighter and their music better in order to improve the entertainment experience for their fans.  Rehearsals are held every week and often twice a week!

C-ROCK's state of the art musical instruments and sound equipment delivers superior sound and allows the sound team to be more sensitive to appropriate volume levels for your event as compared with more conventional systems.  There are less wires on stage to provide a cleaner look and reduce trip hazards.  So whether you want high quality and low volume background music or full (pump up the volume) concert grade sound, C-Rock is the band you are looking for. 

Below is a brief bio on each band member and their role in the band.

If you have any questions please contact Nelson by phone 210.698.2223
, or email info@C-ROCKband.comor

We would love to hear from you!


Jo - Lead Singer & Song Writer

Joanne Hardin grew up in a musical family in the San Antonio area, spending just about every weekend listening and singing along with her Dad, Aunts, and Uncles. Her passion for music has been deep her entire life and flows through the sheets of her original songs. 

"Jo", as she chooses to be called, began her musical career singing Christian music and hymns for the masses. Eventually, this led her to begin singing with a Nashville recording band as well as many local and national recording artists. Joanne has sung all genres of music but none is held more dear to her than Rock! She is very excited to be a part of C-ROCK!

Nelson - Drums, Vocals, & Business Manager


Nelson started playing drums at the age of eight.  He was trained in the traditional rudimentary drumming techniques which can be heard in his drumming style today.  He played in a number of bands until he joined the Army in the early 70's.  Once he returned from his deployment overseas, he picked up the sticks and has not missed a beat since (pun intended).  Nelson has a passion to play and perform and he enjoys the friendship and talents of everyone in the C-Rock band.

Nexo - Lead Guitar, Lead Singer

Caesar “Nexo”,  was drawn to the guitar at the young age of six.  First learning by ear, reading guitar magazines, working with other musicians, and hours of daily practice.  By the time Nexo was a teenager, he was already in his first rock and roll band.  

Over the years, Nexo honed his skills by playing and singing for different groups and in varying musical genres including Alternative, Progressive, Country, Latin, Pop, and Ballads.  He appreciates all types of music but his favorite remains classic rock.   

Nexo has performed throughout the United States and Mexico.  

C-ROCK is proud to have Nexo as their awesome lead guitar player and he is very excited and proud to join the ranks of C-ROCK.   Plus he is a great guy and has a cool nickname!


John Deering - Keys, Rhythm Guitar, and Vocals

John grew up in a musical family in the Midwest.  Hearing his older sisters play in the school band kindled an interest in music which led to playing the tuba.  In college he became a self taught guitar player.  One day one of his buddies brought over his drums.  Although they were barely able to get through “Proud Mary”, John had an absolute blast, and has been playing live music ever since.  He has played many styles of music ranging from country to oldies to disco, but his favorite will always be classic rock and roll.  His experience in the music business includes live performance, sound engineering, and recording.  He has run sound for regional and national acts touring through the Midwest.  He originated and operated the “Instant Replay” band, a popular variety act in the Midwest for 14 years, and was the leader of the San Antonio band “MishMash” for 11 years.  John is very happy to be a member of C-ROCK.


Steve - Bassist and Vocals

Steve began his musical journey at the early age of 6 when first introduced to his neighbors’ father’s guitar in Seattle Washington.
Always a lover of music Steve was first drawn to 50’s rock and blues. By 10 he had his own guitar and was picking out songs he heard on the radio.
When the Beatles first became a hit in the United States it was game on and Steve never looked back. The English invasion and the music of the 
60’s cemented a lifelong obsession with music enjoying an ever-expanding love of every kind of music from various peoples and cultures around the world.
In the mid 70’s thru present day his love of writing/recording/performing original music of various styles has been the engine of his ever-growing vocabulary on bass
playing in a variety of styles and complexities while never failing to find the pocket and groove it for all it’s worth.

Steve is happy to be with the C-ROCK and everyone in the band is grateful for him and his talents!