We recently posted a new recording to our web site. This time it's the Loverboy hit "Working for the Weekend." Of course, this necessitates another round of music trivia, so here we go. 

Did you know: 

- Although the band had numerous hits, they were originally rejected by all the major record labels in the US? Big mistake! Their first album eventually sold more the one million copies in Canada alone. In 1981 the group receives six Juno Awards, Canada's highest award for music. No artist has since surpassed that mark. 

- The title of the song was originally "Waiting for the Weekend"? Paul Dean, the group's guitarist, was walking around on a Wednesday afternoon in an area that was usually full of people but, because it was a workday afternoon, was almost deserted. Paul thought to himself, "Where is everybody? Well, I guess they're all waiting for the weekend." Whoa! There's a lyric in that. 

- Fully developing the song from the first germ of an idea took several years. 

- Mike Reno, the lead singer, suggested changing "Waiting" to "Working." 

- Mike Reno was previously the lead singer for the band named Moxy under the name Mike Rynoski. 

- "Working for the Weekend" became their third hit after "Turn Me Loose" and "The Kid Is Hot Tonite". 

- Loverboy was still not a headlining band and were playing bars when they wrote the song. 

- The song has been used in numerous movies and TV shows, including "Zoolander", "Saturday Night Live", "Scrubs", "Ladder 49" and "Charlie's Angels". 

- The song was released in 1981, which is the same year that MTV went on the air. 

- Loverboy's music video for "Loving Every Minute of It" starts with a lounge band named "The Hollywood Hillbillies" playing "Working for the Weekend" at a hotel.