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Below are some comments made on our previous website

"Awesome  Cool!"  Marie B. 

"Really really good! I would expect nothing less!!!"  Diane D.

"Can't wait to hear you live again. Good times. Keep the party going." Cindy B.

"Freaking awesome. Excellent as always. The lady can sing and together y'all rock it as only C Rock can. Fantastic 5 stars and 2 thumbs up." Cynthia W.

"A huge thank you to the band! We loved having you play at our 40th reunion last weekend!
You guys (and girl!) are awesome! Loved all the sets! Looking forward to coming out and hearing you again at one of your public gigs!"  Amy N.

"Hey Nelson.  Just watched your New Years video.  Loved it.  Was that  my moonshine you put in the punch???  LOL.   Hope we can catch you at Stonewerks at The Rim sometime."  Cayce K

"No seriously…………..you do look great on those drums. Don’t you know the drummers are the icons in the groups?!! Well, maybe the lead singer gets a small amount of that adoration but heck, you look SWEET!!!!!!!   Anyway, you really have that band rolling." Renee S.

"It was an awesome time !...the band and song selection was great !....I like the way y'all went into one great song after another !....professional group for sure ....amazing venue too ! :-)" Janelle B. ..

"All of you rock the clock, but your lead guitar player was the bomb! I can't believe how good he is! Please keep me on your mailing list; I am a registered C-ROCKer!"

"I was impressed by the way you guys showed up three hours early and quietly and professional set up your instruments, PA system, and stage lights. You were ready to go long before the crowd arrived. As a club owner I appreciate that and to be honest, I never see that level of commitment", Greg L.

"You guys ROCK! Your female singer is awesome; she  hit some unbelievable notes! Please keep me on your mailing list" Fred G

"It seemed like you never take a break? You guys played non-stop and you had the dance floor hopping, great job!" Ben S